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Get to know the American Bobtail Cat Breed

The American Bobtail is an athletic medium size to large size cat. Its naturally occurring bobbed tail is this breed’s unique feature. The American Bobtail has a distinctive wild look, with its well-muscled body type and hunter gaze.



The beginnings

The story goes that the first Bobtail was a short-tailed brown tabby male named Yodie from Arizona. While vacationing at an Arizona motel, a couple found Yodie and decided to bring him home. It says that a child dropped it off from the nearby reservation. But Yodie’s parents and exact ancestry are unknown. Rumor says he was a hybrid between a bobcat and a domestic cat due to his feral appearance and short, bobcat-like tail. Since this mix was the belief, they assumed he would be sterile. Usually, the first-generation male of such a hybrid bobcat would make this fact a reality. A random mutation within the domestic cat population is more likely to have produced the short tail.

The Breed

Shortly at home, Yodie impregnated the family’s seal point Siamese. Some newborn kittens had normal-tailed in the first litter, and some had bobtails. It meant that the gene governing Yodie’s bobbed tail was dominant since their Siamese had no background of short-tailed genes.

The name they chose for the breed was American Bobtail. The focus became to create a more healthy breed similar to Yodie: a feral-looking, large tabby with long hair and a bobbed tail. The “hunting gaze” that the American Bobtails are known for, the rounded brow from forehead to eye ridge, came from the healthier cats. Four North American associations have accepted the American Bobtail. The American Bobtail that we know today comes in all colors and categories. They have both long and short coats and have a sweet deposition but the feral look of the bobcat.

Personality & Temperament

The American Bobtail has a rugged appearance but not a wild personality. This breed’s dedicated, caring, and intelligent nature has made them faithful. These confident felines bond emotionally with their families.
They are devoted companions that adjust rapidly to the majority of home environments. Not as vocal as breeds like the Siamese, Bobtails. However, they are not shy about making their feelings understood. Bobtails are spirited, playful, energetic, and friendly and have an extraordinary intelligence for escaping from closed spaces and secured doors.

They are people-oriented and might solicit attention from their household by meowing or commandeering readily available laps. The Bobtail is enthusiastic and fun-loving on their activity scale but not overactive. If correctly introduced, American Bobtails typically hit it off with other cats and cat-friendly dogs. Instead of hiding under the bed, they are outgoing and curious when interacting with unfamiliar visitors. They tend to be great travelers if trained from an early age.



They are often muscular and athletic, with a moderately long and substantial rectangular stance. American bobtails have slightly higher hips with prominent shoulder blades, and their chest is full and broad. Their brow is distinctive and evidenced by a slightly rounded forehead to the eye ridge. They have a somewhat concave curve between their nose and brow with a good length between their brow and ears. Almond shape eyes with distinctive brows above the eye create a natural hunting gaze. Their eye color can be copper, gold, yellow, or green.

Their paws are round and large, and they often have five toes in front and four in the back. Toe tufts can occur in long-haired cats. They come in all types of colors and combinations, with a coat pattern that resembles the natural wild appearance of the breed. Their coat’s texture is a non-matting, resilient, density-double coat for the longhair Bobtail. While the shorthair Bobtail is medium length, semi-dense, non-matting texture with a soft, downy undercoat.


Caring for your American Bobtail

Due to more shedding during the spring and fall, it can be a good idea to groom them more frequently during those times. Combing or brushing your Bobtail a couple of times a week will keep the coat healthy and shiny. Only give a bath if necessary unless they’ve gotten into something messy.

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