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Get to know the American Wirehair Cat Breed

The American Wirehair is an easy-going breed. It is a good companion for single people and loves to play, even alone. The American Wirehair resembles his ancestors, like the cats that keep rodents from the barn or house. Nevertheless, The Wirehair is a powerful cat.



In 1966, they found a kitten with wiry-looking fur in a litter, similar to the Wirehaired Terrier. An American Shorthairs may have produced this kitten, or they may have been farm cats. A breeder adopted a kitten and decided to replicate this spontaneous coat variation. Other breeders took the cats resulting from these matings. Then, they meticulously prepared a breeding program to produce the American Wirehair breed. The Wirehair is becoming very popular in the US. Its breed standard is nearly indistinguishable from that of the American Shorthair. However, every single hair in the coat is crimped and springy.
This texture forms a unique, wiry feeling to the coat.

Personality & Temperament

The American Wirehair is a delightful cat to have as a companion.
It is easy-going and peaceful, while at the same time loves to play and doesn’t need hourly attention. The Wirehair is a loyal cat and will attach itself to every family member. If they’re in the mood to play, they’ll bring a toy to their parent. They also play well by themselves and are a good companion for single people. The Wirehair tolerates being left alone. They are affectionate cats but also enjoy spending time sleeping in the sun. They’re very proactive when playing and quick to find a toy or create one out of anything they see. Interactive toys are a great necessary tool to keep them in good shape and ensure adequate exercise. They are an easy companion to care for and make a fantastic, quiet pet.



They are medium-sized cats, but they are built strong. They are heavily muscled and have heavy boning. Rounded and thick in appearance, they are heavy when you pick them up. Overall, they have a broad chest, a muscular neck, strong jaws, and a well-developed muzzle.
Their coat is similar to that of the American Shorthair, except for the crimped texture, which is thick and dense. It becomes much longer and fuller throughout the winter period. The texture of the coat is moderately hard, as it serves as a protection, and the crimping gives it a harder feel. The eye color is Gold, Green, and Blue.
Their coat colors are White, Blue, Cream, Red, Platinum, Fawn, Chestnut, Chinchilla, Seal, Silver, Golden, Brown, Cameo, Bluecream, Tortoiseshell.
And the patterns are Tortoiseshell, Solid Color, Bicolor, Tricolor/Calico, Tabby, Smoke.


Caring for your American Wirehair


You can help diminish any possible problems by maintaining the skin and coat clean with routine bathing. It will eliminate loose dead hooked hairs that could start any irritation. The coat can be slightly greasy from the oil secreted by the skin, and frequent bathing will remove it. Gently cleaning the ears when bathing will prevent earwax buildup. Keep their nails trimmed and teeth brushed periodically with approved pet toothpaste. A tall scratching pole will help their natural scratching instinct. Unlike curly-coated cats, the American Wirehair’s coat has three layers of fur so brushing them is not a problem. The less grooming, the better when it comes to the American Wirehair’s coat. Combing or brushing can damage it, so resist unless they are shedding heavily. Some Wirehairs have sensitive skin that can be susceptible to outside influences resulting in an allergic reaction.


The American Wirehair is a thick, muscular cat. Regardless of the heavy boning and musculature of the cat, you want to make sure they keep a correct weight. Parents of this breed must thoroughly manage their nutrition. Wet food in moderation is excellent once a day for American Wirehairs, ideally with variety. Kibbles can be left out as they enjoy eating a little at a time. Meals can depend upon their activity level and whether they are mature. We can offer and choose a couple of snacks over table scraps. Like all felines, it is crucial to provide your cat with fresh, clean water daily. New, fresh, clean water is best, so cats don’t think twice about consuming it. To encourage your cat to drink adequate water each day, station the water bowl at a minimum of 3 feet away from any food. Cat’s noses are sensitive, and a strong smell of food may trigger them to consume less. You can use filtered drinking fountains in place of a water bowl.

The American Wirehair is not susceptible to any hereditary or genetic health problems. However, it is best to schedule routine visits to the veterinarian.

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