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Get to know the Bombay Cat Breed

Bombays are medium-sized cats. They have medium-sized, wide-set ears, a moderate nose stop, and large rounded wide-set eyes. Their tails are usually of medium length. They are well-balanced, friendly, bright, outgoing, muscular, and surprising for their size.



The Bombay originated in the 1950s by Nikki Horner. She craved to create a feline that held the appearance of the Burmese yet with a smooth black coat and copper eyes rather than the brown fur and yellow eyes, kind of a pint-sized panther. Mrs. Horner named the breed after Bombay, India, which is the land of the black leopard. She obtained a black American Shorthair male with the rich eye color she desired and interbred them with one of her best Burmese. Following many trials and errors, she finally received the result she was searching for: a cat with the body figure and short glossy coat of the Burmese, and the American Shorthair’s copper-colored eyes and black coloring.

Nevertheless, Horner soon discovered that creating a breed, even as dashing as the Bombay, doesn’t imply acceptance or recognition. It was only until 1970 that they were admitted for registration by the CFA. People consider the Bombay cat as an Asian self-colored shorthair. While however rare in both North America and the United Kingdom, the breed possesses a faithful following.

Personality & Temperament

An expressive cat

If an indifferent, independent cat is what you’re seeking, this breed isn’t the best choice for you. Bombays are a charming breed: playful, friendly, joyous, and pleasing to just about any family, essentially if that involves a thrilling game of fetch or a cuddle on the sofa. Due to their mixed ancestry, Bombays have a pleasant balance between the typical American Shorthair and the spirited, expressive Burmese. Since the American Shorthair is less popular today, Bombays tend to be more similar to the Burmese than the American Shorthair.
They’re very clever and people-oriented but won’t converse with you every second of the day. Yet, Bombays will get their opinions across if they have something important to express. Indeed, you will find them staring you down with their hypnotizing copper eyes till you give them your complete attention. They require quite the attention, and they are skillful in their efforts to obtain your notice.

The perfect family cat

When you’re sitting down, you’ll notice your Bombay resting alongside you moments later. They are pretty attached to their household and quite love the entire family rather than connecting with only one person. Some even state they’re incredibly exceptional with well-behaved kids. Recognized for their high intelligence and curiosity, the Bombay enjoys following their loved ones all over the home. They tend to have an eye on everything and assist with every chore. Although it doesn’t get the job done quicker, it’s undoubtedly entertaining.



The most notable characteristic of the Bombay cat is its color. They are entirely black, and the kitten’s coats should darken and become smoother with age. The coat is short, fine, satin-like, close-lying with a glistening patent leather shine. Medium-sized, muscular in development, and neither small nor thin. The Bombay cat’s face is rounded with no acute angles. They have a well-developed, moderately rounded muzzle that follows the rounded contours of the head. The tip of the nose is slightly rounded down, forming the roundness of the head. The ears are medium-sized, alert, tilting lightly forward, slightly rounded tips, and broad at the base. The eyes are set apart with rounded aperture, with eye color ranging from copper to gold. The legs are proportional to the body and tail, with round paws, including five toes in front and four in back. Their tails are medium in length and straight.


Caring for your Bombay

The Bombay’s coat sheds slightly and is simple to care for by brushing every week. It is essential to keep the ears cleaned, nails trimmed, and teeth brushed periodically with vet-approved pet toothpaste. Providing a nice tall scratching pole to help their natural scratching instinct is always ideal.

When it comes to nutrition, Bombays are robust and stocky cats. Exercise and a high-quality diet are essential to maintaining them healthy.
It is essential to give your cat fresh, clean water every day. Cats have a sensitive nose, and a strong smell of food may cause them to drink less. A tip to help your cat drink enough water each day by Jackson Galaxy and other cat behaviorists is to place the water bowl at least three feet away from any food. Filtered drinking fountains are a great option to be used in place of a water bowl.

Generally, the Bombay is a healthy breed, their most common heart disease is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, as with all cats. This genetic disease can end in heart failure and death. Therefore it is paramount that breeders screen for this via a heart ultrasound, an echocardiogram performed by a Veterinary Cardiologist. Since an HCM doesn’t always manifest in the first years of life, pet parents must screen for this disease.

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