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Our Story

Welcome, cat lovers!

My name is Ursula. I am an adoptive cat parent with over-the-top enthusiasm for all cat-related things.

2021 saw me take over caring for not one but two adorable kittens I adopted. The importance of learning about cat care and the responsibility of being a cat parent was no small feat. Still, it has been an enriching journey.

Being a cat parent comes with unique challenges, such as finding the right breeder, food, and litter, learning to recognize when your cat needs care, establishing regular veterinarian visits, and brushing up on feline allergies.

In the beginning, finding the answers took a lot of work, especially when I wasn’t asking myself the RIGHT questions. I made mistakes.

In the beginning, I felt overwhelmed, wanting to do everything right.

One of the kittens up for adoption wasn’t in the best condition (we’ll talk about it in a blog post). It took us months to get him healthy (and now he’s in great shape!).

But he had the flu, scratches, and wounds when we adopted him.

The breeder couldn’t tell us where these injuries came from. So, we had to figure things out. Medication, antibiotics… we tried many things until we finally asked my partner’s brother, an animal lover and pet store manager, for help. And he suggested testing if our cat had any allergies to food or litter. And guess what? Like magic, everything stopped within a few weeks.

I started to explore more natural alternatives for my pets. Even when my same cat had skin issues, a veterinarian recommended trying new natural alternatives that hadn’t crossed my mind before, and they worked like miracles!

By starting slowly and gathering knowledge along the way, I am now a much more knowledgeable cat guardian, thanks to all I have learned since adopting my cats.

This is why I decided to create a blog to share real experts’ advice.

What's in it for you?

My goal today, through this blog, is to help other cat parents find the answers to their questions and provide advice and tips I learned through my experience and others.

If you’re a proud parent of one or more cats, it’s time to learn even more! Join me in this beautiful journey as I gather valuable information from breeders, pet stores, cat behaviourists and veterinarians—people who know these furry friends best.

I want to help you avoid unnecessary chemical treatments or expensive bills (unlike me). At Felinopedia, we want to provide you with key answers from behaviorists and genuine animal lovers. So, you understand better your furry friend.

We can all share our knowledge to benefit every cat parent out there. Let’s make sure we give them lots of love (and treat!) along the way <3

Welcome to Felinopedia, your cat Encyclopedia.

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Our Story

Inform you and all cat parents about everything you need to know about cat breeds to understand your cat better and know how to take care of it.

Increase your knowledge about your cat breed to increase your affinity towards it.

Our Mission

We strive to better the quality of life for cats and their parents by providing information and products for optimal well-being.

4 Reasons Why You Can Listen To Us

1. We are cat parents and just like you, we want the best for our fur babies.

2. We have gathered knowledge since 2021, and our experience helped us to get solutions and meet various practitioners who gave us solutions that really work.

3. We believe the more knowledge we have about our cats, the better we can take care of them.

4. You can connect with a nice community through our social media and ask any question you want to us or other amazing cat parents just like you.