Get to know the Burmilla Cat Breed

A moderately calm cat, the affectionate and gentle Burmilla is easy to get along with and needs minimal care. The Burmilla is still an experimental breed in Britain, and the leading registries do not still accept it in the U.S. For these reasons, not a lot of people know about them, yet.



The Burmilla began as a chance discovery. The breed originates from a Chinchilla Persian male and a Lilac Burmese, which delivered four kittens in 1981. Those kittens held an unusual black-tipped coloring. Their look was so appealing that a breeding program started to create a cat that would possess the short hair of the Burmese, the roundness of both breeds, and the original coloring noticed in the initial kittens. However, the leading registries do not yet recognize it in the United States.

Personality & Temperament

The Burmilla is an irreverent, independent, and peaceful cat. They tend to be easy-going, and they display many kitten-like characteristics even into later years. The temperament of the Burmilla is quite extraordinary. The demanding and playful nature of the Burmese, combined with the even-tempered and relaxed personality of the Chinchilla Persian, makes the Burmilla friendly, lively, and loving. The Burmilla gets along well with kids and other animals. Their character makes them great companions and an addition to the family.



The Burmilla is of medium size but is also solid and heavy. In fact, it is somewhat compact while being very muscular with large boning. These active cats are very rounded with a round head and tips of the ears. They have very slightly slanted eyes. Because of the original pairing, their coat is thick, dense, short and smooth.


Caring for your Burmilla

Burmillas need to be brushed daily to help remove the loose and dead hairs from the coat. You can incorporate brushing within their playtime. As good climbers and jumpers, they will benefit from having cat trees and perches.
Since they are sturdy, stocky cats, you might have to watch their weight, mainly if they don’t get enough exercise. Modifying their nutrition can be a simple solution.

Even if Burmillas are calm cats, they also like their daily playtime. A daily petting-play session is a need for any Burmilla.
As a matter of fact, they love belly rubs and receive affection. They will appreciate their family members venerating them.

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