On January 24 we celebrate Change A Pet's Life Day banner

On January 24th, we celebrate Change A Pet’s Life Day

By Ursula Uranie

December 6, 2023

This day is to raise awareness around animal shelters. It includes everything from mindfulness around animal issues, health and protection, fostering, pet adoption to recognizing all the volunteers and workers that help improve animals’ lives.
How can I participate in changing a pet’s life day, and what can I do? 

The various ways you can help to change a pet’s life :

1. Donate to a Shelter. 

Most shelters are non-profits. Their primary funding source comes in the form of donations from people just like you. These donations allow shelters to save and care for more animals. You can give them money, whatever amounts helps, food, toys, etc. If you have any questions, contact your local shelter and ask them what they need.
To find the closest shelters from your home, you can google ‘shelter in… (name of your city).’

2. Volunteer at a Shelter

If you can’t buy anything or have money to donate, you can give your time. Time is precious, and the care you’ll provide to the pets will make them friendlier and more adoptable. Guess what? If they are adopted, you changed their lives!! 

3. Adopt an Animal.

The ultimate way to make a difference in a pet’s life is to adopt one. Indeed, despite all the goodwill of workers and volunteers, they do not have enough shelter resources. Unfortunately, places are limited too, and some animals can not stay there. By adopting from a shelter, you give a chance of survival to an animal who has only one expectation: to meet you and become your best friend forever! 

4. Foster an Animal.

What is fostering, and what is the difference between fostering and adopting a cat? Fostering a cat means that you work with a rescue organization or a shelter as a volunteer, and you offer a home and a family to a cat in need. As a foster parent, you bring a cat into your home for a limited amount of time and play a significant role in helping that cat to be ready for adoption. And by doing so, you’ll help shelters have more space and resources to rescue other cats in need. Miracles had happened, where timid cats could be very social by being fostered. Contact your local shelter to know the requirements to become a foster parent.

5. Sponsor an Animal.

Being a sponsor means you are giving vital funds to an animal to take care of him and support his needs until he finds his loving and caring home. It financially helps shelters and a pet’s life. You are making a difference, helping out until they can be adopted.

Other ideas for the ‘Change a Pet’s Life Day’ :

Other ways to bring awareness about animal shelters : use your social media!! People who have been thinking about getting a pet may choose to get one from a shelter if they are aware of the impact it will make. You can publish an informative post about shelters as many people do not know the work it requires and the reality in shelters. You can also share the stories of cats who are ready for adoption. And who knows? They might find their forever home thanks to you.

For more details you can also call your local associations and get more informations or contact international associations likeInternational Fund for Animal Welfare, the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

In this article you’ll find some Feline Federations around the World that might help you on how you can help create a better World for our cat friends!

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