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What is cat health month for ?

By Ursula Uranie

December 6, 2023

February is Cat Health Month.

Mental and physical health are essential for humans and cats also!

Every living being deserves to be well treated and receive the care needed to survive and live in the best conditions.

During Cat Health Month, we bring awareness to the mental and physical health of our furr-iends.

It’s the perfect time to focus on the health of our feline babies.

What can we do to improve their well-being?

Find some tips and reminders :

  • Get an appointment with the vet for the annual check-up.

These annual visits allow your veterinarian to notice any changes in your cat’s condition from year to year and prevent any discomfort or disease.

  • Keep your cat’s vaccination up-to-date.

 This will help prevent your cat from contracting serious or dangerous illnesses, especially if he is an outdoor cat or in contact with other cats you do not know.

Keeping your cat’s vaccination up-to-date is also important and necessary when you travel, as most countries require the rabbi vaccine. 

  • Feed a high-quality diet.

Health depends a lot on what you feed your baby. As we know, health starts inside the body. Healthy and high-quality food will increase your cat’s life expectancy, prevent disease and give him the proper nutrients and vitamins to be and feel stronger.

Providing quality cat food is the best way for your cat to have shiny fur too 😉

  • Monitor your cat hygiene.

Hygiene is health. But what does hygiene means?

Hygiene involves grooming (brushing the hair, teeth, washing the ears if necessary) and physical activity. Your cat needs to run, walk, jump. Give your pet the space he needs to be happy emotionally and physically. A cat that lacks a proper environment to play or physical activity is more likely to have behavioral problems.

  • Spend quality time with your cat

Play with your cat. Be present and show him how much you love him. A cat is very affectionate, and it will give you his best if you do.

 If your cat is stressed or anxious, you can help him by providing the Pet Zen Card.

Try it now and enjoy its benefits right away.

Get other ideas on how to improve your cat’s health by reading this article written by

Disclaimer: Always seek your veterinarian’s advice regarding your cat’s health.

Happy Cat Health Month !!

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