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What are the advantages of choosing a breed cat versus a mixed cat?

By Ursula Uranie

December 6, 2023

Most often when we choose a purebred cat, it is mainly for its physique that we appreciate but also its particular characteristics. Indeed, the selection of races guarantees a similarity between individuals. In fact, by choosing a breed cat you can find out about his character, size, or even the length of his hair.
So this makes it easier for some. But you may very well fall in love with an alley cat as well, a wider selection of which is available. Indeed the alley cat is a mix and brings together a diversity of patterns for its dress.
So when the time comes to make your choice, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Here is a summary to help you adopt the best companion for you and your family:

Cat breed


  • Knowledge of physical and behavioral characteristics (Disclaimer: each individual, however, as in humans, develops their personality according to the context of their education and environment)
  • Lineage guarantee by an official certificate
  • Parents of the cats known. Some breeders will gladly give you a DNA test to prove the good health of the cat.
  • The breeder can provide you with a copy of the blood tests carried out on his breeders, proving the non-presence of these pathologies within his cattery.


  • The waiting list can sometimes be long
  • Sometimes expensive prices (but a purebred cat requires care and you have to be prepared to pay the price! And it’s worth it!)

Mixed cat and alley cat :

Advantages :

  • The immune system is considered stronger. They can rely on a large gene bank and have fewer genetic problems
  • Average or low cost of living
  • Adopting a mixed breed kitten or cat or a stray cat is generally less expensive than a purebred kitten or purebred cat


  • No prior knowledge of behavior, attitude. It is a surprise!
  • Unknown genetic lineage which doesn’t give access to a hereditary DNA test
  • The main disadvantage of this category of cats is that you don’t know what they will become over time, for example, what their size and coat will be as adults and what their main character traits will be.

Regarding their maintenance they both need care, love, and attention.
Grooming is the same whether it is a breed cat or a purebred.

Now you have a better idea of the advantages of adopting a breed cat or adopting a stray cat!

Learn more about breeds by visiting our page about breeds.

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